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All Plumbing and Civil (APC) are a family owned and operated company with a team of fully qualified tradesmen, who have been providing plumbing, Sydney Water, and Civil Solutions to satisfied customers in the Sydney area for over 18 years.

APC are accredited to construct Sydney Water assets. We have experience in all necessary facets including Asset Construction, Major Works and Minor works. We also specialise specifically in providing Sydney Water Service Protection Reports - also known as Sewer Peg Out.

APC are a team of fully licensed plumbers, drainers and gasfitters, who carry all the necessary insurances, certificates and accreditations to ensure your job is completed professionally and in accordance with Australian regulations.

We have a full range of equipment including heavy machinery and the latest in pipe location technology, to enable service location on sites with limited physical access.

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To find more about how the team at All Plumbing and Civil can action your peg out quickly and professionally, please call Alex right now on 0400 911 111 or complete this form: