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Building Plan Approval

Building Plan Approval is required by Councils and/or Sydney Water to ensure your development is not going to affect any of Sydney Water’s assets. You will need to lodge your plans with the Sydney Water Tap In process to see if your development is within the Zone of Influence (ZOI) of Sydney Water assets. You will be referred to a Water Service Coordinator (WSC) if it is in the Zone of Influence or if the Sydney Water assets are not on the Sydney Water system yet.

All Plumbing and Civil are accredited as Sydney Water constructors. We also have a strong longstanding relationship with a network of Water Servicing Coordinators that can help coordinate your building plan approval and section 73 certificate. These services may include:

  • Assessment & Approval of Building Plan Applications including obtaining a lodgement summary on your behalf
  • Advice & lodgement of approved plans to Sydney Water
  • Piering Inspection, Junction Inspection, and/or Concrete Encasement Supervision
  • Service Location Reports (Peg Outs)
  • Obtain Work As Constructed (WAC) Plans from Sydney Water
  • Minor and Major Works Construction.

Section 73 Applications

The application involves composing a Design Plan for the proposed development and calculation of Hydraulic Flows, Rates and Demands for Waste Water, Potable Water and Recycled Water.

After 21 days of the application being submitted, Sydney Water will then release the “Notice Of Requirements”. This is a formal document which will specify the requirements to obtain your Section 73 certification. This document may state that a Building Plan Approval, Minor Works or Major Works is required prior to the release of the Section 73 Certificate. Obtaining a Section 73 Certificate requirement will be stated in you council DA prior to Construction Certificate / Commencement.

All Plumbing and Civil are qualified and accredited to perform construction works as recommended in the Sydney Water Notice of Requirements.

The full list can be seen in the Sydney Water applications and approvals web link here