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Sydney Water sewer peg out

If construction is within a certain distance of a sewer owned by Sydney Water, then it is a requirement to get a peg out to determine exactly where the sewer is to ensure that there is no risk of damaging it.

A Service Protection Report is Essential

A Service Protection Report - commonly known as "peg out" determines if your development is within 'the Zone of Influence'. All Plumbing and Civil will work with a Sydney Water and/or a Water Servicing Coordinator to determine exactly where the sewer is, relative to the works to be undertaken to determine if it is in the zone of influence. The peg out is a condition of All Plumbing and Civil services and is required by law.

Examples include:

  • Installing a pool
  • Building a granny flat, garage, carport or deck
  • Making alterations/additions to your property
  • Designing building plans that are over a Sewer


What does a Peg Out Involve?

A Sydney Water quick check agent will use calculations to determine if the development is inside or outside the zone of influence, by taking the depth of the asset and multiplying it by two.

If the development is outside the area created, the quick check agent will approve and stamp the plans. If the development is inside the zone of influence then the approval process will need to be conducted by a Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC). A Service Protection Report (sewer peg out) is then a requirement set by Sydney Water before further approval can be granted.

We Make it Easy

All Plumbing And Civil understands that this can be a long and complicated process, which is why we work on your behalf and ensure it is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. First, we will physically locate the sewer at the development site and ensure the sewer is located with precision.

Next, we will draft up a development plan using data from our on-site inspection and Sydney Water records using technologically advanced drafting packages.

Lastly, we provide you with a professional plan to Sydney Water’s standards that outlines all the details of the sewer infrastructure that is within proximity to the proposed development, in order to approve your development.

A final possible step will require the Water Servicing Coordinator to use the development plan, in conjunction with our sewer peg out plan that we develop in order to provide any further assistance on your building plan approval.

Feel free to discuss your particular requirements in detail by contacting Alex McLeod directly on his mobile 0400 911 111, or complete the web form below and Alex will get back to you within 1 business day.

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